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Sociology with Ludwig


12319757_10208408255944214_486019790_nHey everyone! So most of you have already registered for your winter classes. It’s crazy how fast time flies. If you are still looking for some classes or waiting to go into advising, I have a class that I wanted to share with you.Last year I was looking to get into a 5 credit social science class to fill my program requirements. I saw sociology, and thought it would be fun to take so I registered for the class with Professor Ludwig. Donald Ludwig has been one of the most inspiring professors I have had throughout my academic career.  He got his A.A. at Spokane community college and has a bachelors degree, two masters degrees, and a Ph.D from the International University of Graduate Studies. The first day of class Ludwig told us that there is no shame in going to a community college, and that it is one of the best decisions you can make especially to save money. I looked at his success, and it inspired me and made me feel proud for the decisions I have made in order to work towards the degree that I wanted.

12335970_10208408255344199_1781570956_nLudwig’s academic achievements were only the beginning to such an inspiring story. He had suffered from a stroke while he was going to school and lost his ability not only to walk but to speak. After some time in treatment Ludwig was able to walk again and regained some of his speech. He never let it get in the way of his learning.

When he entered the room on the first day of class he asked us to tell him what appeared to be different about him. As you can imagine, it was an awkward conversation because no one wanted to talk about his speech impediment that was a result from his stroke. He went on to tie the conversation into society norms and sociology and that is how our learning began. The class over the whole quarter was such an amazing learning experience with such an inspiring man to lead the way. I highly recommend this class, and I highly highly recommend you take this class with professor Ludwig. I hope all of you will settle in to Clark next quarter if this is your first quarter as a penguin and I hope you will be inspired as much as I was!



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