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Our Clark College Bakery Update


Hello Readers,

It’s time to revisit a campus favorite: the Clark College Bakery! Since the 1940s, the Clark College BakingBakery-danishes Program has been training students in the baking trade. Furthermore, Clark offers a program in Bakery Management as well. These programs are intended to guide the students to explore the baking trade so that they are able to obtain basic skills and attitudes that will help them be successful in the field of baking. It is a little known fact that our bakery is run by the students in those programs. Both Baking and Bakery Management students are able to gain experience by working in a professional baking environment as well as fulfilling their credits for graduation.

The best part of having these programs is that we are able to have our very own bakery on campus for students, staff, and the community to visit and have a great start to their day. In the Bakery, there are all kinds of goodies to entice you. Everything from pastries and cakes to artisan breads and pies are offered in the display cases. These items change on a daily basis to give the baking students diversity in their Pumpkin roll editbaking skills. In addition to those options, they have items such as soup, breakfast burritos, and sack lunches as a supplement to the treats. Next to the bakery, we also have two microwaves that students can use to heat up their lunches as well as vending machines to grab a snack or drink when the Bakery is closed.

Bakery - treats

Through fall quarter, the Clark College Bakery has been a great focal point for people to visit when it is open and functioning. However, for the rest of the 2015-2016 academic year, the Baking and Bakery Management Programs will be on leave to undergo curriculum and facility revisions. Be sure to visit the Bakery to show your support and to enjoy their sweet treats a couple more times before the end this quarter. Although this will limit our food options on campus, it is not a permanent change and will only be for a short while. As a result of these new changes, we can be sure to anticipate bigger and better things from our Bakery

Stay warm everyone,



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