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Meet Ambassador Lauren


Hi everyone!

I’m Lauren, one of the many ambassadors here at Clark College. To start out, I wanted to tell everyone a little bit about myself. This is my second year here at Clark, and I am going to school to get my general Transfer degree. This quarter is probably the most exciting for me because I am taking scuba diving and marine biology, which will assist me greatly when I start working in the marine biology field. However, before I get near a marine biology degree, I will graduate from Clark and start attending Pen Foster, which is an online-based career school where I plan to obtain a degree for veterinarian assisting. I am currently working at a veterinary hospital working with mainly dogs and cats. I absolutely love animals and plan on making career out of working with them. Because my fiance is in the military, I will have to wait until his term is up before attending a university where I will major in marine biology and minor in animal behavior. My ultimate goal is to open up a dolphin sanctuary to assist children with special needs. Besides caring for animals, my other hobbies include snowboarding and golfing. Although I am  a very busy person, I love to go running and work out. I used to be a gymnast until my senior year in high school. Working out was something I did all the time, and when I stopped I realized it was the way that I dealt with stress so I decided to start running outside on trails and signing up for a gym membership. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about me! I am super excited to see a bunch of new face here at Clark, and I am more than happy to help anyone with any questions. We are always at the info desk in Gaiser Hall!


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