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Olá pessoal ( Hey everyone ),


My name is Jose Augusto, and I am international student from Brazil who will be assisting everyone interested in Clark College and guiding campus tours as Student Ambassador. This is my first quarter taking college level courses, but I  finished my Intensive English Language Program (IELP) here at Clark College last spring, attending the college since fall 2015.

To my knowledge, studying in another country where you do not speak its primary language at all is a tough process that requires dedication, discipline, and determination. The first three months of complete culture shock makes it difficult to maintain those aspects for everyone. That period made me face many different situations I have never been through. For example, homesickness, eating different food, and adapting to American living style. Trying to get more familiar with those situations, I decided to get involved in some of the great resources that Clark offers to students. For example, participating on intramural and others activities from ASCC programs and enjoying trips and Conversations Café held by International Office.

Feeling more adapted in the United States, I use to do funny programs around Vancouver and Portland with my friends who live with me in the weekends, such as, bowling, pool, hanging out around Portland Downtown, and watching movies. As a Brazilian, I use to play soccer every Fridays. By the way, soccer is my favorite sport, and if I have free time on the weekdays, I support my team in Brazil if they are playing, which is called Ceara. Unfortunately, the most famous sport here in the United States, which is American football, is not common in my country, but I’m trying to learn more about this sport. I watch some Seattle Seahawks games.

Besides chilling out with my friends and having fun, I would like to point out that my focus here in the United States is to get my degree in Business Administration. I am planning to finish my two year transfer program at Clark and moving to WSU – Vancouver to get my Certificate of Conclusion. I really like to study math and hope to open a company related to sports area in the future, which is why I chose Business as my major. Being Student Ambassador and International Peer Mentor will help me to develop my communication and administrative skills – which are the key for my dream job, while I am assisting Clark College community. If anyone has questions related to Clark College, I will be available at Information Desk.


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