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Welcome to the Welcome Center!


IMG_3100[1]Do you ever pass through Gaiser Hall, see the Welcome Center office, and think, what is that office is for?

We get that a lot.

The Welcome Center’s primary focus (like the other numerous offices around campus) is to help new and current students. Most commonly, we will assist students with questions, help them navigate the campus, including locating classes, and provide campus tours. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg, but let me start at the tip.

On September 21st, our Student Ambassadors will be here to answer questions, schedule one-hour tours, and guide students around the campus to familiarize themselves with the buildings and information they may not otherwise get. The Student Ambassadors are current students who are knowledgeable in regards to the campus and are ready to assist students with navigating the campus. So stop on by to meet the newly arrived 2015-2016 Student Ambassadors!

While so much has been switched to online now, we do still offer in-person orientations, which the Welcome Center provides. If students are looking for more personal interaction, they can sign up for orientation through the Welcome Center, and we will assist students through that process.

Located in the Welcome Center is our Recruitment team. Whether an event is on-campus or off, you can often find them representing Clark and available to answer student’s questions. Clark strives for community involvement so to display that, you can often find us at high school events, Farmer’s Markets, College fairs, and many other community outreach events throughout the year.

Along similar lines, middle and high schools will often take field trips to Clark as a way to inform their students what will be in store for them once they reach college. The Recruitment team provides an in-depth overview of what Clark has to offer, both academically and socially. From there, students will take a campus tour led by our Student Ambassadors. On that note, should you ever see a large swarm of people on what looks like a guided tour, say hello. Those could be future Penguins.

For further information about upcoming events and outreach opportunities, follow our Student Ambassador Facebook page. You can also find us on Twitter: @ClarkAmbassador & Instagram: Clark College Admissions.

Whatever your needs, stop on by the Welcome Center, and we can get the information you need!


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