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5 days until Fall Quarter!


winter pic

We all know how busy it can be on campus. Everyone is scurrying around to get to classes on time and studying in between classes. The Welcome Center encourages you to take a moment to breathe and visit some of the beautiful scenery around the campus. Listen for the Chime Tower to play a lovely tune at noon. However, don’t look up and expect to see the time, because it is not a clock šŸ™‚

In the Pacific Northwest, we get more cloudy days than clear ones, but if you should ever see the sun shining through the clouds, take a peak at the Sundial. It is self sufficient and does not need to be changed due to daylight savings time.

Those are just a couple of the spots. So, take a walk around the campus and see what you discover.

Points of Interest

  1. Unity Pole
  2. Andersen Plaza
  3. Sundial
  4. Chime Tower
  5. Japanese Friendship Garden



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