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12 days until Fall quarter!


With Fall quarter just around the corner, the Welcome Center wanted to put together 12 days until the quarter begins blog. Are you as excited as we are? Okay, maybe not, but by the end of this series, we hope that you are hyped up to check out all of these resources we will be sharing with you.


Alright, without further delay . . .

12 Recreational Locations

  1. Christensen Soccer Field
  2. Kindsfather Field
  3. O’Connell Sports Center
    1. Main Gym
    2. Dance Room
    3. Weight Room
  4. Softball field
  5. 4 Tennis courts
  6. Thompson Fitness Center
  7. Oswald’s Arcade


Without these recreational spaces, we would not have the great sports teams and health and PE classes we have. And if you have seen the list of classes we offer, you’ll know we have quite the variety. Be sure to come out and cheer on your Penguins.

fitness center


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