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Summertime Adventures: Kayaking at Lost Lake

Summer is one of the best times for exploring and trying new things, especially while the weather is so nice (hot, but nice!). But trying new things can be really difficult, even small things like trying a new food, taking a different route home or even switching to a new brand of coffee can be a struggle. And activities are even more frightening, because what if you don’t like it or look silly? (P.S. Never worry about looking silly, silly is the most fun!).

So in the spirit of trying new things, a few weeks ago I decided to go kayaking with friends for the first time at a place called Lost Lake in Oregon. I was really nervous because I didn’t know if it would be difficult or if I would even like kayaking, but you have to try everything once right? It was extremely hot the day I went, which was wonderful because the water was so refreshing and cool. I did not expect to have so much fun with kayaking. I rode in a double kayak with my friend, and when we were pushed out into the water and started kayaking the feeling was phenomenal! We were gliding over the water so smoothly and it was so easy and fun. It was a great place to kayak too, because the lake is very large so I never felt crowded at all.

As we kayaked further out into the lake, Mount Hood came into view and it looked so beautiful. The entire scene was serene and peaceful, and it was the perfect activity to relax. The rest of the day consisted of kayaking and swimming around and of course nobody is perfect so in addition to a wonderful experience I also received a fantastic sunburn! With all sarcasm aside, summer is a great time to try new activities, so get outside and have fun. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly

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