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Humans vs Zombies Journal Entry #3



Day 3- Today was by far the most difficult day throughout my zombie filled experience. Because of yesterday there was almost double the amount of zombies, and they took one of our scientists working to find the antidote. The sun burned bright in the sky making it the perfect day for zombies to feast on human flesh.

I was going to try my luck for food today down near O’Connell Sports Center when I ran into another human and a scientist. I was lucky I did, because they informed me that a horde of at least ten zombies awaited me if I was to try to get food right then. We agreed that the only way to get food today so that we could survive would be to have an ambush with other humans.

At 1 pm we met in the library, but we only had a group of three people, which was not nearly enough to get past the zombies who were guarding the mods. For those who don’t understand the urgency of this ambush, the scientist whom we were with had solved the antidote. He had the cure for this whole zombie business. So if he and other humans could survive today then we would have won the war against the zombies. For this reason, it was critical that we get to the mod and survive until we could return to the quarantine zone.

We agreed to split up and scour the outskirts to see if any other humans were around and then meet in the secret courtyard. In the courtyard, we met and all together there were seven of us. We devised a plan to run from different angles and we took our positions. My partner Randy and I were the first to run. We crept to a hidden area and then sprinted out to the mod. We had attracted the zombies’ attention, and I quickly created a diversion because our scientist and other humans needed to get to the mod.

The zombies were savage, especially one in particular who had ripped and tattered clothing. He would tally every human whose brains he ate. We had all gotten food safely, but the problem was escaping the zombie horde that now surrounded us. Their breathing was heavy, not from fatigue but from the desire and thought of brains. We were joined by another human, who led the way to escape.

On the count of three we tore from the mod, protecting our scientist in the middle, and we headed for the zombies strongest weakness, a parking lot. The zombies weren’t going down without a fight and they showed their speed to us. Multiple times the zombies were close to eating our brains. Their feet pounding behind me ,and had it not been for their strange sock kryptonite complex, they possibly would have gotten us. As the zombies closed in, we broke through the bushes one by one into the safety of the parking lot. We had done it. We had won! We celebrated, our scientist mentioning it was his sister’s birthday (Happy Birthday!), and we made our way up to the quarantine zone. It will be a day I always remember dear journal, the day of the cure, the day of hope. The war is over. Humans are victorious.
“In three days I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Karly Murphy
Quarantine #106
Claimed Survivor

Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly


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