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Humans vs Zombies Journal Entry #2


Karly hiding from zombies.

Day 2
– I was correct in my assumptions about today and it was due to the weather. The zombies have been irritated by yesterday’s rain because it delayed their meal. Now they are restless.

I ventured out about 11 a.m. to get some food supplies. I was walking towards a mod with food underneath a large tree near the abandoned food carts, when the attack happened. I made it only as far as the Chime Tower before two zombies spotted me.

I thought that maybe I could sneak down or pretend to be one of them, but we caught eye contact and I could see the recognition in their eyes. Of my brains anyway. And while you may not think zombies are very smart there are a few things they are good at, one of which being team formations. They’re not very good at sharing, but great at cornering their prey.
The next part was a blur. I was screaming and they chased me ferociously with bloodthirsty eyes. I launched my socks in hopes of stunning them (the soft fuzziness of socks seems to put them in a trance), but my ill-fated attempts almost cost me my woolly weapons, as well as my brains.



I escaped to the Sundial and crept up to the Library. The only irked thought I had was at the loss of my beloved socks, but luckily a fellow quarantine (who used my attack as a distraction to get food) retrieved and returned my fleecy ammunition. Which was very kind, considering the rumors of the sock stealers among the quarantine group.

I will have to guard my socks carefully. As well as my brain. And with the zombies starving for brains, and the humans starving for food it certainly is the hunger games here. Well it’s as they say “May the odds be ever in your favor”.

Karly Murphy
Qurantine #106

Stay tuned for more journals entries from Ambassador Karly. To watch her daring escape from the zombies, check out our Facebook page. More information about the Humans vs Zombies event can be found here.


Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly

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