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Humans vs Zombies Journal Entry #1


HvsZ day 1Day 1 – It was a bleary morning. I woke up early to scope out the zombie outlook, but I think that the rain has brought good fortune upon us humans. The rain sometimes makes the zombies more mellow. They don’t like to chase us humans through the rain mainly because it slows them down. I still took precautions and crept through the parking lots (zombies hate parking lots) up to Gaiser Hall.

I dropped off my extra supplies at the Ambassador office, because I didn’t want any extra weight in case of a zombie ambush. Even though I was still well supplied with food, I decided that stocking up with a bit more couldn’t hurt. The only problem with food is that the only food supplies left remain in the central area of Clark’s campus, infamously known among the quarantined as “Zombie Territory.” With my socks at the ready, I ventured out into zombie territory to get some food and it was relatively calm. I was able to meet with two other humans who also commented on the quietness of the zombies today. I received my food portions and went on my way.

My only encounter so far was a sighting of a zombie on my way back to the Quarantine zone. You can tell zombies from humans because they wear their bandannas around their heads instead of their arms. I crawled into a bicycle rack to hide. Though it seems like a bad place to hide, the bars actually protect you from the zombies and gets them close enough in range to stun them. You can stun zombies by hitting them with socks. Luckily the zombie didn’t notice me and I quietly escaped. Today was very easy. Too easy. I fear for tomorrow.

Karly Murphy
Quarantine #106

Stay tuned for more journals entries from Ambassador Karly. More information about the Humans vs Zombies event can be found here.

Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly

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