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Clark College is in the NWAC (Northwest Athletic Conference), where athletics is highly competitive. Clark offers multiple sports such as soccer, cross country, basketball, softball, track & field and women’s volleyball. Most NWAC schools do not offer this many sports so we are very lucky here at Clark.

Between all these sports, there are over 200 athletes on campus and over 30 employed coaches, which is an extremely large number for the NWAC. In the past two years that I have been a Clark athlete, I have never been around such a highly talented and competitive environment. Every single year we have multiple sports reaching the NWAC tournament at the end of the season and the past two years that I have been here have been no different.

Just to name a few stats, the Cross Country team placed in the top-5 during the NWAC Championships during the 2013-2014 school year.  Women’s soccer made playoffs two years in a row in 2014 and 2013. Volleyball participated in the 2014 NWAC Championships. Men’s basketball, who had a rough season last year, came back to be the 2015 NWAC champions. Track and field had ten athletes in the 2014 NWAC Championships, two of which achieved All American status. Baseball won the South Division last year and was one game out of making playoffs this year. These are only a few of the many achievements made by our sports teams.

Being competitive in multiple sports makes Clark a high place of interest for freshman athletes coming out of high school to continue their career at the next level. Thus the future is likely to be very bright for Clark Athletics for many years to come.


Images from Clark College image database.

Post by Ambassador James

Post by Ambassador James


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