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Art Student Annual 2015


When I give campus tours, I always pass through the Penguin Union Building and notice what’s going on in the Archer Gallery. I find myself glancing through the windows to have a peek inside just to see all the different artwork displayed inside. The gallery is located right across from Career Services and down the hall from the Assessment Center. I remember one time when I took a quick look and saw a group of people sitting in a half-circle around a giant framed painting. There was a sprawl of notebooks and they were quickly writing things down or maybe drawing in their books. It was an interesting sight to see people studying the artwork of others so intently. The exhibits typically change every quarter and admission is free as the gallery is open to the general public.

There is one particular exhibit that is especially inclusive to Clark students and that is the 2015 Art Student Annual; it is finally here at Clark College once again! There are many different art classes available at Clark and there are countless students enrolled in classes ranging from drawing to photography to metal arts to pottery. These students invest a lot of time and effort into their art, and the Art Student Annual allows their work to be submitted and presented in the Archer gallery. This is the chance to come and check out your fellow Penguins’ artwork in person, so don’t just walk past the gallery with a glance, but be sure to come and join in the art appreciation! You can also take a look at our very own Clark College Independent’s article about the Art Student Annual of 2014 and check out Clark’s Flickr page for pictures from previous years. More information about the exhibit’s hours are provided below.

Art Student Annual 2015
Archer Gallery, Clark College
May 12th – June 9th
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM
Friday – Saturday: 12 PM to 5 PM

Post by Ambassador Patricia

Post by Ambassador Patricia


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