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As many of you know Clark College puts on three theater productions a year, and the current production they are showing is Bobrauschenbergamerica. Though the date has already past for this production, the theater program usually has a free showing preview showing for those students that want to go watch the play, but may be on a budget. However, prices are not bad for the showings. If you have already purchased a bus pass and Clark College ID, then its $9 dollars and if you don’t have Clark College ID its $13 dollars.

Going into the play I didn’t know what to expect, I had read the review on the Clark website, but it offered little to go on, except that it was focused on Robert Rauschenberg’s life and art. Robert’s idea of art included incorporating everyday objects into pictures, blending what some might consider kitsch with fine arts to create powerful and impactful collages.

The same way that Robert did his paintings is the same way the play goes; it is a hard play to describe, but it will keep you laughing with jokes and sight gags, from the beginning with the chicken to the way the hot tub is used, to the guy rollerblading and holding the umbrella. For pictures, check out Clark’s Flickr page. This is a great play to go and watch and give yourself a treat for all the hard work that you have been putting into classes. Best of all the play is also opened to the community so feel free to bring some friends along and enjoy a deserving night out.

Over all the play is fairly short, all just one act, one act full of laughter and surprises. The play is showing the 21st through the 23rd of May 2015, and all the showings are at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available for purchase in the bookstore or online or by calling (360)992-2815. More information about the production can be found on Clark’s website.

Penguins that fly also like to have some down time, and what’s better then hangout out with your closest friends and enjoying a play.

Post by Ambassador Omar

Post by Ambassador Omar

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