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Group Fitness Instructor Experience


I just registered for summer classes this week; can you believe it’s that time again? Looking back on previous summer classes I have taken, the classes for the Group Fitness Instructor program were definitely some of my favorites.

If you are dedicated to fitness, and enjoy instructing & inspiring others, the Group Fitness Instructor program might be something fun to study. This program is offered only during the summer here at Clark. The program is has a fun curriculum, and even earns you a certificate.

A few summers ago I took this certificate program. I really liked that I was able to arrive on campus early in the mornings, got out of classes before noon and was able to enjoy the rest of my summer days. There are three classes required for this certificate program, Group Fitness Instructor, Fundamentals of Fitness and First Aid & CPR.

During the Group Fitness Instructor class, we learned how to create exercise routines with various types of music in small and large groups. The Fundamentals of Fitness class taught us how to identify muscle tissue and bones, and applied this knowledge to movement. As described in its title, the First Aid & CPR class taught us basic first aid and how to conduct CPR.

I took these classes as a starting point into my program of study, but several of my classmates had various different backgrounds and interests. If you enjoy being active, and are looking for a fun program to join, check out the Group Fitness program online or meet with a Clark advisor to see how it could fit into your educational plan.

Post by Ambassador Karen

Post by Ambassador Karen




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