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Mother’s Day


I must say how honored I am to have been selected to write on this topic, because to me, there is nothing greater in the world than an awesome mom! Whether your mom was the cookie baking type, corporate guru, soccer mom, or labor foreman (as is mine is), these women have one thing in common. They know without a doubt what it means to love someone more than you love yourself.

Mother’s Day to me is the second best holiday. When my grandmother was alive we would all go to her house. My aunts and uncles, their spouses, and children (and, I have a pretty big family) all together cramped into grandmas small house. The holiday was never about the gift received, it was about us all coming together and laughing, and joking- having fun as one big connected family. Since my grandmother’s passing, our family has retreated into their own, smaller family units. We only come together at big events like annual reunions, weddings, and funerals- typical extended family events. The pain is just too raw for some to heal yet, but I am hopeful that the day will come when we all can get together again and laugh.

In the years following my grandmothers passing, my mother and me typically go over to my aunties, plant a bush or flower in her yard in honor of grandma and have some delicious food. My aunt is the chef/baker of the family and makes some of the most delicious food I have tasted! So this family has gone from one matriarch to two – my auntie and my momma.

My mother is one of the greatest women I have had the honor to know and love. She raised me alone, and I have watched her carry herself from cleaning hotel rooms to become the second woman in America to hold the position of Executive Secretary Treasure of the Columbia Pacific Building Trades. But my mother is much more than a title, a career, or a job. She is the woman who stayed up late when I was sick, the woman that held my hand while I birthed my son, the woman who always believed in me even when my belief in myself ran out.

About six years ago I had a traditional Sailor Jerry’s “Mom” tattoo placed on my left shoulder with the quote “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother” wrapped around the heart. When I was 17, my boyfriend and I took a day trip to the beach. My mother was very anxious about us going away; after all it was my first “big” trip away from home. I brought my mom back a plaque that had a mother and young little girl staring out into the world from their front porch with the quote from Abraham Lincoln on it as a “thank you for trusting me.” Now, I am able to honor her every day in my own special way, and I am reminded of where we came from and what she gave up to raise me.

I am blessed and honored to have such a wonderful woman to call mom.

Post by Ambassador Kandie

Post by Ambassador Kandie

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