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Rec Center Vote


Don’t forget to vote!!!!

Today is the last day to cast your vote so don’t delay! The vote for the new Recreation Center is going on now, and your vote counts!
“Why is this so very exciting?” Because our very own student population petitioned for this change last year, and our student government answered the call, putting this request into action.
You may think to yourself, why should we spend so much money when we already have so much available to us for our use?
If you have spent any real length of time in the O’Connell building, as I have, then you may agree that during busy times this is a place on campus that could use an update and more space to accommodate students.
What was so awesome about this plan was watching the student’s campaign for the change. During the 2014-15 school year, students campaigned across campus and acquired the many needed signatures to petition the change. I was part of the process where we passed out surveys to tally up what specifically students would like to have happen in the new facility. Then the ASCC/ APB took a trip and visited different recreation centers across Washington State to gather ideas and learn about the costs and what is working for other community campuses.
As a frequent flyer of O’Connell, I can say that having extra amenities available to students that spend a great deal of time in this area of the campus could benefit from an updated learning environment. Currently, our college offers a Fitness Training Program that uses these facilities daily as well as many of our PE classes. These classes tie up use of the gym and weight room, and since they are open for use when classes are not going on, students would like full access to them more often.
To find out more information, go to This site will guide you to where you can cast your vote whether you are for or against this agenda and give you an idea of the pros and cons and breakdown of additional costs. One of the things that truly feel like home to me is being able to have a voice here at Clark College, and I greatly appreciate that students have the freedom to bring their ideas into an action.

Post by Ambassador Karen

Post by Ambassador Karen


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