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Student Employment at Clark


When I returned back to Clark in the fall of 2011, I was unemployed. I remember feeling rather out of touch from the working community after experiencing an unexpected life situation that left me struggling to pay my family’s bills on my own. The idea of going back to work felt miserable, it seemed as if I would never feel any sense of stability ever again.

We had hit a very bad place in our lives, my family needed a change and I was the only one that could make this happen.  After attending some classes at Clark as a returning student, I gathered information from Financial Aid and Career Services on how to become employed at school. Although I was rather doubtful that I would be contacted about the positions I applied for, I applied anyway. To my surprise I landed a job and began a new journey.

My first job at Clark was in Student Life. My first day was unforgettable. I was making coffee in the student kitchen and someone asked me what ASCC (Associated Students of Clark College) stood for and of course, I failed to answer correctly. That very moment made me realize that the only way to really deal with life’s irreversible ridiculous humiliating moments is to laugh about your silly mistakes and move on.

My position at was extremely convenient because my work hours could be scheduled around my classes.  Sometimes I could even study or add my creativity into fun projects over holiday breaks. Not all jobs on campus share the same experiences, but all students have the luxury of having work hours scheduled around their classes.

My employment on campus allowed me to find my place in the world again and to feel empowered. My position in Student Life provided a huge learning experience and a place that I began to feel respected and accomplished. I gained a wealth of knowledge, had tons of fun doing it and continued on into a leadership position as the family events coordinator for the Activities Programming Board, and eventually as a Student Ambassador.

Getting a job on campus is a great thing to have going for your journey into the future, a good way to earn a few bucks and is a convenient aspect to add to your busy life.

Post by Ambassador Karen

Post by Ambassador Karen

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