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Languages Building Friendships

Many students on campus are taking foreign language classes, and this last quarter I began learning Japanese, and it has been fantastic! The language is lovely and so is the culture of Japan, but what is really interesting to me is how foreign language classes seem to draw people together. A few weeks ago I was in the tutoring center for Japanese and after getting help I was invited to hang out with some other students studying Japanese. I said that I’d go, and it turned out to be one of the best nights I’ve spent with friends in a while. We played games and ate Japanese food like takoyaki! So now I have a group of friends that I’ve only known for not even a month, yet they make me feel like I’ve always been part of the group. This is the beauty of foreign language classes and why I encourage more students at Clark to take some.

In many classes you will have group members or partners, but most of the time students only talk about their assignments and the class. Foreign language classes are different because the whole class is about learning to converse with each other: how to say hello, how to ask how someone is doing, how to say what day it is, and so on. Because of this, you naturally learn more about your classmates throughout the class and create more friendships than you normally would in another class. Even in places outside of class, it is possible to make more friends with foreign languages, such as in language clubs or like how I made friends in the tutoring center. It’s even likely that you can make friends with people in different class levels than you. All of the friends I made that day are in a higher level language class than I am.

If you are the kind of person who has trouble when it comes to making friends, want some awesome people to talk to, or want a supportive and fun environment, you should think about taking a foreign language class! I would highly recommend it!

Post by Ambassador Karly

Post by Ambassador Karly

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