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Surviving Finals Week


Hey Clark Students,

We know finals week is a stressful time and that the pressure to do well on your exams can be intense. That’s why we have compiled a list of our top 10 tips on how to cope with finals week and prepare yourself to do the best you can.

1. Study Groups – It is helpful to meet even just before the final because you tend to remember conversations better than simply reading.

2. Have a clear plan – Every morning be sure to have a plan in mind with small goals that you can execute throughout the day.

Post by Ambassador Daria

Tips by Ambassador Daria








3. Drink caffeine – Do what you need to do to feel energized and ready for that test.

4. Pamper yourself – Get your nails done, go shop a little or take a nice bath.

Ambassador Shandell

Tips by Ambassador Shandell








5. Take breaks – Cramming doesn’t work, take a 10 or 20 minute break every hour or two.

6. Relax – Take some time for yourself to relax before your final. It’ll help you reduce your stress levels and go in with confidence.

Post by Ambassador Omar

Tips by Ambassador Omar








7. Study, study, study! – Study the night before (and morning if possible) so that way the material can be fresh in your mind.

8. Re-schedule – Don’t be afraid to re-schedule things and re-organize events that fall within that finals period. Just remember it’s only temporary.

Ambassador Daniel

Tips by Ambassador Daniel








9. Put things in perspective – Realize that this is just a class. Classes can be repeated if needed, and that doesn’t make you stupid.

10. Trust yourself – Trust that you have covered the material well enough to get through this.

Post by Ambassador Kandie

Tips by Ambassador Kandie









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