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Penguin Study Buddy


Hey everyone,

By now some of you have visited the Welcome Center to say hi, (and if you haven’t come over you should). Those of you who have visited might have noticed our awesome unofficial office mascot, Pete, who we like to think of as a long lost relative of Oswald. Having an origami penguin can keep you company while studying during the next weeks, and help you make it through finals. I will show you how to make your own origami penguin.

1. Start with a square piece of paper
2. Fold into a triangle.
3. Open triangle turn so the crease is vertical.
4. Fold the sides in halfway between the crease and the edge of the paper, like if you were folding a paper airplane.
5. Now fold the top point in about 1/5 of the way down the crease to form the beak.
6. Turn the model over.
7. Fold the other point about 1/4 of the way up the crease to make the tail.
8. Fold the paper in half along the crease with the wings on the outside
9. Lift the head, and fold down the top of the head vertically so that beaks points.
10. Stand up your newly finished penguin!

For some extra fun feel free to add googly eyes and color to customize your penguin. This is a nice little project that can take your mind of school work and projects for a bit. It’s fun to make, and your friends and family can join in too to make even more penguin buddies. What can you use your own origami penguin for? Well as a book mark, study buddy, own therapist, a wall to bounce ideas off, driving buddy, or simply as a decoration to put up at home.

Post by Ambassador Omar

Post by Ambassador Omar

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