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Filtered Water Stations


Thirsty? Don’t want to waste your quarters on the vending machine? Water fountain doesn’t quite hit the refreshment spot?

Since the beginning of last fall, Clark has been providing filtered water bottle filling stations. Being someone who doesn’t always meet their recommended water intake, this was a great way for me to get into the habit of drinking more water. Now, when sitting in class, listening to a lecture, I always carry a full water bottle with me. It feels good knowing that I am saving money eliminating waste and reaching those 8 recommended cups per day!

If you don’t own water bottle or a disposable plastic water bottle, stop by the Student Life office to get a free, reusable water bottle.

These filtered water bottle filling stations are a great way to get fresh, cool water for free while being efficient! They are easy to use and even show you how you are contributing to the movement by displaying the amount of plastic water bottles saved.

Staff member, Jami, helping to reach 82,000 bottles of plastic waste eliminated.

Staff member, Jami, helping to reach 82,000 bottles of plastic waste eliminated.

We recently reached 82,000 of non-wasted plastic bottles at the Gaiser Hall filtered water station.

So if you are ever looking for filtered water on campus, the black dots on the map attached represent the current locations of the filter stations: Filter Map DN

Penguin Union Building – ASCC Kitchen (main level)

Gaiser Hall – Northeast end (main level)

Cannell Library – Next to the Computer Lab (second level)

Hannah Hall – Hallway next to the Coffee Lounge

O’Connell Sports Center – Next to the vending machines and the weight room (main level)

Bauer Hall – To the right of the Coffee Shop (main level)

Joan Stout Hall – Northern section, closer to the women’s restroom (main level)

Scarpeli Hall – Next to the western hallway entrance (main level)

Post by Ambassador Daria

Post by Ambassador Daria

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