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Shopping in the Bookstore


There are some students that stop by the Bookstore only once in a while to get textbooks, when they aren’t available on Craigslist. I was one of these students during my very first quarter at Clark. Since I was anxious to start classes, I didn’t bother to slow down and explore my surroundings. I had no idea that there was deli items and other goodies that I could have gotten instead of bringing snacks or not eating for the whole day. There were so many interesting and useful things that I had missed out on in the Bookstore. Now I and go get lunch there every week!bookstore (2)

As you may know, Clark’s culinary program is being revamped so the cafeteria and on-campus restaurant are closed for the time being. Fortunately, Clark is located near downtown Vancouver with a variety of restaurants and cafés around. However, those who still have to attend class and are in a hurry usually turn to on-campus options, making the Bookstore very convenient. An important section in the Bookstore for me is the snack corner, which provides an assortment of items from chips and candy bars to Mac ‘n Cheese and soups.

In addition, if you browse the whole store, you can find a variety of interesting things ranging from penguin plushies to discounted DVDs to Grumpy Cat merchandise. There’s also clothing, toys, mugs, gadgets, and lots of penguin gear. There’s always new and handy items in the store to check out if you need a place browse around or to even find a fun gift.

Furthermore, there are a few desks such as the Textbook Information desk and the Technology and Supplies desk to help you find out exactly what you need for your class. The Bookstore staff are kind and always ready to assist you to make your search easier. Also, if you need supplies, the Bookstore prices are fair, and it beats driving to an office supply store to get some basic school items.

Finally, the Bookstore is a great resource for Clark students. The Bookstore services include:

C-Tran Student Bus Passes Student Online Orders & Reservations
Student IDs Textbook Hold Service
Gift Cards Textbook Buyback
Stamps First-to-Know e-mail subscription
Copies/Fax Text SMS Reminders/Updates
Notary Services Special Orders
Myers Briggs/Strong Campbell Testing Tickets Computer Software
Theatre Tickets Technology Accessories

The Bookstore’s hours vary week to week and you can also check out the Bookstore online.

Post by Ambassador Patricia

Post by Ambassador Patricia

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