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Get Fit at Clark

There are many available benefits to students that are attending Clark, some of which students may be unaware of. One resource that is not as well-known is the Thompson Fitness Center. The fitness center is open every day for students after all P.E. classes are done for the day, so the schedule and hours vary. A student who is enrolled in a P.E. class, or is an athlete at the college, can use any of the equipment in the fitness center free of charge for the entire quarter. If a student is not enrolled in a P.E. class, there is a $20 pass available for the quarter, which you can purchase the pass at Campus Security. Compared to most gym memberships in the area that average around $30+ per month, that is an extremely competitive price.

Clark’s fitness center includes a cardio room with six treadmills, five elliptical machines and multiple fitness bikes. There are also weight machines that allow for a variety of different exercises. Next door to the cardio room is the weight room with even more weight machines, and all the free weights a person could possibly need. There are six weight benches and four squat racks, as well as all the dumbbells and weight bars you can find at any gym in the surrounding area.

As a baseball player here at Clark, I am in the fitness center nearly every single day using all kinds of equipment. The trainers are always willing to give you a spot or show you new exercises to help maximize the productiveness of your visit. Once you’re done with your workout, there are complementary towels, as well as shower rooms, where you can freshen up after workout. Check them out online, or stop by the fitness center in the O’Connell Sports Complex to talk to one of the friendly trainers at the front desk, and they will get you all set up to get center

Post by Ambassador James

Post by Ambassador James

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