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Valentine Bakery Goods


Everyone knows the old adage “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” However, let’s be honest, the way to anyone’s heart is through good food. I have always been a baking enthusiast, probably due to my enormous sweet tooth, but who can resist a good cookie or some delicious crepes? For that reason I always am hanging out in the Clark College Bakery because it harbors two things I am a huge fan of: sweet treats and low prices! The bakery offers many delicious treats daily, one of my favorites being their huge cinnamon rolls! But of course that bakery has stolen my heart again by featuring some limited time goods! On this Valentine’s Day why not treat your sweetheart or loved one to some special edition sweets from the Clark College Bakery? Here are their specialty Valentine’s Day items:

Cupcakes – $1.00
The classic cupcake is a simple, but lovely way to show someone that they are someone special. This treat can be for anyone: friends, families, and special sweethearts!

Strawberry-Filled Puff Pastry – $1.15
Strawberries are another signature item on Valentine’s Day, but to change it up from the traditional chocolate covered strawberries, why not try out these delightful strawberry filled puff pastries? It’s another sweet way of showing you care!

Shortbread Hearts – $0.75
Hearts are a signature of Valentine’s Day, so what better way to show you care than with a cute shortbread heart? At only seventy-five cents, this is definitely a steal and a great last minute gift!

Brownie Hearts – $1.60
Maybe you and/or your loved ones are more of the chocolate lovers. In that case, pick up a brownie heart. They still feature the signature heart shape, but are rich in chocolatey goodness!

Chocolate Macaroons – $0.75
The chocolate macaroon is the perfect treat to add a little bit of French flavor to your Valentine’s Day!

Mini Palmier -Bag – $1.50 -Individual – $0.25
These sweet, enticing treats are perfect for a simple gift to someone you care about. Shaped like little hearts these sweets will make anyone’s day a little sweeter!

Rum Balls – $0.95
For the more mature taste buds, the bakery is offering up some delicious rum balls this Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Cherry Rolls – $1.50
Chocolate is always divine for Valentine’s Day. However, the bakery is mixing it up a bit with their chocolate cherry rolls. A perfect combination of two rich flavors!

Mousse Bombs – $2.25
For those who are die hard chocolate lovers, this sweet is the ultimate in rich chocolate flavor. A warning to those who try this, the chocolate will have your taste buds overwhelmed.

Caramels – $1.50
For a decadent treat, the bakery is offering some mouthwatering caramels! This is a perfect gift for those who are not devoted chocolate lovers and looking for another scrumptious treat.

Be sure to stop by the bakery, which is located in the cafeteria of Gaiser Hall. It is open from 7:15 am until 1:00 pm, and accepts cash and checks. Don’t miss out on their great Valentine’s Day sweets!

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