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Daria’s Bio


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Ambassador Daria

Post by Ambassador Daria

My name is Daria and this is my third year at Clark College. I started out as a Running Start student exploring different career fields through taking a variety of classes. Although I would not recommend this method (students should meet with advising first), I was able to discover the kinds of subjects that I enjoy exploring and spending time on. I concluded to go into the field of social work. Currently, I am finishing up the first step in achieving that goal by receiving my transfer degree. Afterwards, I plan on studying human development at WSU Vancouver. The great thing about the transfer program is the fact that I am able to take classes in a variety of fields, without the commitment of pursuing that certain career. Subjects such as art, philosophy and addiction counselling are very fascinating and interesting to me. With a transfer degree, I am able to enjoy learning about these subjects while receiving credits for my degree.

One thing I really enjoyed during my time at Clark is the vast population of students, staff and faculty that I got to meet and work with. By participating in different activities, working as a student ambassador, attending workshops and simply being here, I was able to create a great network of academic support, professional connections and close friendships.

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